Is my child too ill to attend school?


The latest attendance guidance from the DfE

‘School attendance will be mandatory from the beginning of the new academic year. This means that it is your legal duty as a parent to send your child (if they are of compulsory school age) to school regularly.’

If your child does not attend school regularly , they may struggle to keep up with school work and will miss out on the social side of school life which is important for their development.
At Moat Farm Infant School we closely monitor all our pupils’ attendance and keep parents informed of their child’s attendance. If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance you can come in to the school office and speak to Louise George.

To start the day off well, children should arrive on time for school. School opens at 8:45am – children should be in the playground ready to go into school before the bell goes. Arriving late means your child may miss the teacher’s introduction to the lesson, miss extra help with learning and may feel embarrassed at entering school late.

What should I do if my child is absent from school?
Please contact the school office as soon as possible and before 9:10am, to explain why your child will not be in school.

Do try to organise medical and dental check ups out of school hours or at the end of the school day so your child does not miss out on important learning. There may be times when this is not possible but we ask that these are kept to a minimum.

What the law says –
By law, all children of compulsory school age (between 5 and 16 years) must have a suitable, full time education. Parents are responsible for making sure this happens, either by enrolling the child at a school or by making other arrangements which provide a full time education. If a child fails to attend regularly the school where they are on roll and the absence is not authorised by school, the Local Authority may take legal action against parents which can result in a fine of up to £2,500 and a prison sentence.

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