School Vision, Ethos and Values

School Values

A value is a principle that guides our thinking and our behaviour.  At Moat Farm Infant School, every child is valued for who they are and what they contribute to school.  Values are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil in school.  A new value is taught every half term.


Our school has 6 core values:

Collaboration (linked with friendship)

In order to show we can collaborate we need to:

work together

listen to each other

share and take turns


When we are respectful we:-

listen to others

show good manners

treat everybody fairly


In order to show we are creative, we need to:

have our own ideas

use our imagination

ask questions

try new things

Perseverance (linked to positivity)

In order to show we persevere we need to show:

we don’t give up

we try our very best

we are not afraid to make mistakes

we learn from our mistakes

Even when things are difficult.


To show we are caring we need to care for:



the environment

things around us.


When we reflect we:-

stop and think

use what we already know

ask questions

think about our learning


Our school motto is ‘At Moat Farm Infants everyday; we learn, achieve, have fun and play!’

Our staff and Governors will…

• Work in partnership with our families, the local community and external agencies for the benefit of our children.
• Provide a curriculum that is relevant, exciting, challenging and responsive to the needs of all children and enables them to flourish, make choices and take risks
• Be committed and dedicated to inspiring young learners with high quality teaching and learning environments and a focus on developing essential life skills.
• Provide a safe environment where children have a voice, are listened to, feel safe and are happy.
• Be good role models, provide high expectations and enable all children to reach their full potential.
• Empower children to share responsibility for their learning and behaviour.
• Create an ethos of inclusivity, respect and tolerance where views, faiths, cultures and races are valued and children are engaged with the wider community.
• Be committed to professional development in order to continually improve our practice.

Our Children will …

• Feel safe, valued, included and empowered and have a positive self-image and attitude.
• Be able to make appropriate choices for behaviour, to understand the consequences of their own and others’ behaviour and learn to distinguish
right from wrong.
• Be willing to try their best and take responsibility for their own learning so that they are able to fulfil their potential.
• Feel part of a community through the establishment of supportive and positive relationships with their peers and other adults.
• Be able to understand and express their ideas, feelings and beliefs in the knowledge that they will be listened to and respected.
• Communicate effectively and think creatively, solve problems, work collaboratively and persevere even when things get tricky.
• Be able to read and write with fluency and accuracy for a range of purposes and enjoyment and to work mathematically with confidence and understanding.
• Have dreams and aspirations, be open to possibilities and be all that they can be.
• Be physically and emotionally healthy and keen to learn.
• Be independent, confident, resilient and curious.