Reading Materials

Reading is one of our school priorities and passions. We recognise that reading underpins children’s access to the curriculum and that it impacts on their achievement. There is considerable research to show that children who enjoy reading and choose to read, benefit not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.

We are proud to have a range of quality reading material that we share with the children daily.

Choose a reading area below to find out more:

Reading Spine

We have a store of classic books in each year group called a ‘Reading Spine’ selected by literacy expert Pie Corbett. Each year group reads their books (and the books from previous year groups), so that the children become familiar with these core books. Every week the teacher reads a range of literature – books from the reading spine, other favourite story books, traditional tales, non-fiction books, poems and nursery rhymes. The aim is to help children build a living library inside their minds.

Great books build the imagination. The more we read aloud expressively, the more memorable the characters, places and events become – building an inner world. Each great book develops the imagination and equips the reader with language. Around 75% of our vocabulary comes from our reading.

“A child who is read to will have an inner kingdom of unicorns, talking spiders and a knife that cuts into other words.” – Pie Corbett



Rich and Diverse Reading Spine

“We all need to find ourselves in books, but also need to know each other through literature. We may look different, our families may come from different places, but in the end, we are all citizens of one world. Through reading, our experience of the world broadens. These books should find their place in the canon of every child’s reading and imaginative experience.” – Pie Corbett


A Living with Disabilities Reading Spine

We have some picture books about living with disabilities which include books on hidden disabilities including autism and ADHD. Each book explores disabilities and answers common questions. They are positive stories that focus on each child’s unique capabilities and builds empathy by inviting readers to see through another child’s eyes.


A Save the Planet Reading Spine

We have a range of bright, impactful books, explaining simply and effectively what’s going wrong with our planet and what we can all do to help. The books explore how our modern lives are putting the planet at risk and what we can all do to work towards a greener future. These books are inspiring, raise awareness about various important topics whilst making them accessible to young children.


Birthday Books

We have an initiative in school called Birthday Books. Rather than bringing in sweets or treats to celebrate a child’s birthday, we ask parents to purchase a new book for the class to enjoy over and over again. The gift that keeps giving! The idea is that the child buys a book, wraps it up and opens it in front of the class as a present to the class. We put a nameplate sticker on the cover explaining who has donated the book to the school. Parents can purchase any book from the reading spines listed.


Virtual Library

We have a virtual library of books to support the children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). Feel free to browse around and choose any book to read or listen to, all you have to do is click on the book cover and it will direct you to the website. Enjoy!

Please follow this link to view our Virtual Library – MFI Virtual Library

Big Cat E-book Library

Collins Big Cat Reading Scheme supports every child as they become fluent readers with hundreds of high-quality books & resources.

Please follow this link to view your child’s Big Cat E-books – Big Cat E-Books

Please follow this link to view the parents’ guide – Big Cat Parents Guide